Dear Friend,

Have you ever been around someone with a "GOLDEN TOUCH?"

The kind of person who always seems surrounded by abundance... the kind of person for whom making money is as natural as breathing. The kind of person that makes you wonder,

"Why them, and not me?"

Why is it with some people... it seems like you could strip them of everything they own... drop them practically NAKED into a foreign country... and within a few months or years they'd be back on top of the heap?

Researchers have analyzed this, and it comes down to how your brain is wired.

What makes the difference?

Having a mind that's "programmed" for abundance... instead of the scarcity almost everyone else thinks they have to endure.


You see, most people in today's world are programmed from a very early age -- by newspapers, TV, their family, their friends -- into believing that scarcity is just how the world works.

"We can't afford that!"

"Making money is hard!"

"You can't get rich unless you know the right people... or you're as good as Mick Jagger!"

In fact, none of those things are true, but all of them will keep you from your goals.

All it takes is a mind that's wired to spot opportunities, or even create them. And then, run with those opportunities for all that they're worth!

Here's the thing.

Most people are too busy saying, "oh, that would never work" or "oh, that's not for me." They say this not because their ideas are bad or unsuitable... but because their subconscious mind is PROGRAMMED to keep them in a place where they have to scrimp and save.

Programmed to feed them negative ideas. Blind them to gold-mine opportunities. And, do what it can to ensure all the easy wealth goes to OTHER PEOPLE!

It doesn't have to be this way.

You can create your own wealth!

Your subconscious mind can manufacture all the abundance you could ever dream. All it needs are the right kind of instructions... and getting rid of the old, poisonous ones.

In short, replacing the old "scarcity" program with a new "abundance" program, after tackling the deep-seated core issues to clear up enduring questions. (Core issues can turn well-intended affirmations into exactly the opposite of what you want.) After a good foundation's been laid, creating a new program that puts together the life you want.


The best part? All this works...

Without you thinking about it!

When you reprogram your mind for success, success becomes second nature. Just like riding a bike... except now you're making money.

Your mind finds and creates opportunities on "autopilot," and taking advantage of them feels completely natural.

You start re-orienting your habits towards maximizing your success. Not because you "feel you have to," but because that's what "feels right." Little things that have been holding you back suddenly become obvious, and you take care of them because that's "just what you do."

And then... once your mind is on the right track... the sky's the limit!

Because this program gives you the power to create all the wealth you can possibly want, you're only limited by how much you want to create. You won't just reduce your debt and increase your earnings. You'll see generous dividends from this simple step for life!

How is all this possible?


New technology makes this kind of mind programming accessible to anyone.

No hypnosis or subliminals!

No gimmicks or wondering "is this thing even working?" -- you hear and understand every word. And, it's still far more effective... and far EASIER... than any hypnosis recording you've ever tried!

Look, hypnosis works great in person, when the hypnotist can create a "connection" with you. But, it's kind of hard to create a "connection" with a mechanical recording. Until recently, that's limited truly effective mind-reprogramming to people who have the time and money to visit a hypnotist.

However, new developments in the field of "brainwave entrainment" made it possible to create the same "super-programmable" state that a hypnotist uses... with just an audio program.

How does it work?

Let me explain.

Have you ever wondered why young children are so impressionable? Between the ages of 2-7, it seems like everything you experience is a "DIRECT DOWNLOAD" into your brain. Neuroscientists have figured out why this is.

When you hook someone up to an EEG brainwave-reading machine, the waves the machine detects are classified into five categories: delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma. Delta waves are the slowest, appearing in deep sleep. Gamma are the fastest, appearing when you're solving critical problems. According to the latest research, young children spend their days with their brains in specific "theta" mode!

They can learn new languages, pick up new skills, and learn not to touch a hot stove as quickly as possible. After all, the faster you learn as a child, the better off you tend to be!

Modern technology makes it possible to produce this specific "theta" state in nearly anyone... even you... just by listening to a specially-crafted audio track!

Once you're in this "super-programmable" state, your subconscious mind has both ears open, listening for instructions on what YOU want it to do. You can take charge of your mind, and reprogram it to your OWN specifications! And best of all...

It's as easy as watching TV!

All you do is put on the audio and veg out.

Sit down, chill out, and listen for 30 minutes a day. You can use it no matter how busy you are that day... no matter how stressful your day is... even if you've come home ready to collapse. Instead of using your energy, this "Reprogram Your Mind for Wealth" audio program GIVES you energy. It lifts you up and clears your mind!

In fact, the mental clarity "Reprogram Your Mind for Wealth" gives you is one of the greatest benefits. You get immediate results, as your mind starts working better, your focus sharpens, and your overall health improves "right off the bat".

It really is as easy as it gets. I know, when you think "self improvement," you think WORK. Well, not here! The "theta entrainment" actually relies on guiding your brain into the right state, so the lazier you are... the better the program works. You just listen, and the audio does the hard work for you, downloading the information directly into your brain.


Here's what Reprogram Your Mind for Wealth gives you:

check Self-improvement that works even if you just sit there and listen! Cutting-edge technology reprograms your brain while you "veg out."
check Zero gimmicky "inductions" or "is this thing working?" moments. You hear every word of the suggestions clearly -- and they work better because of it! (The special brainwave technology makes it possible to program both your conscious and subconscious minds at the same time.)
check Fixes for deeper-seated issues that hold you back BEFORE putting in anything new. Say goodbye to "band aid" fixes, and enjoy success without any inner demons wreaking havoc!
check Deep, positive life-changing suggestions that bring you the kind of abundance you want... after laying down a foundation that makes 100% sure you'll enjoy every minute of it!
check Not just financial success, but financial success that comes EASILY! Scientifically crafted affirmations re-orient your thinking into ways that make you more money, keep you from wasting it, and attracting wealth like it's second nature.
check New instincts about money and wealth! You may think it's all about who you know, but wait until being successful is "just how you are!"
check All that "scarcity" you've been programmed to have by media and people around you, turned into abundance!
check The perfect way to relax and recharge after a long day. Perfect, because you feel more full of energy AND come away miles closer to achieving your dreams!
check Better results than any pre-recorded hypnotic session! You get more performance for your money and attain success faster, with less effort. (All you do is listen to some pulsing tones... and your brain slips effortlessly into the trance.)
check The ability to attract wealth without even thinking about it! (Easy Abundance works subconsciously, so you may not even realize what you're doing... until you look at your bank statements.)
check More earnings and less debt... without any crazy schemes... for life!
check No need to think! Sit back and let the "theta entrainment" technology do all the heavy lifting for you, as it downloads a new abundance program into your brain.
check Instant results, with clearer thinking, better performance, crystal clear focus, and improved health as soon as you start using it. Your quality of life gets better as soon as you hit "play!"
check The EASIEST possible way to improve your mind. Relax and listen for 30 minutes a day, that's it!
check The power to create unlimited wealth... yes, you can create as much abundance as you want. (The sky's the limit!)
check Success even if you're feeling unsure of yourself or just plain lazy. The step-by-step design of the program picks you up and DRAGS you to your goal if it has to!
check The "golden touch" instinct to spot financial opportunities everyone else has missed, and milk them for all they're worth!


Easy Abundance has already helped hundreds of people like yourself.

"After trying many products, Reprogram Your Mind for Wealth was the real McCoy."

"It not only delivered on all the promises, it was incredibly easy.  Always by the middle of the session I found myself going into a deep relaxed state but still very open to all the suggestions, which helped my subconscious mind be reprogrammed.  Also the added benefit of feeling refreshed at the end the recording.  Thank you to the recording for removing obstacles, which were holding my success back.  I practice Alternative Medicine in Las Vegas, since the tape magically I began attracting new patients without any effort."

Dr. Greenberg
Las Vegas, NV


"Wow! All I can say is WOW!"

"I am a college student and I used to always struggle for money. Thanks to this program, I came up with a great idea for free lance income. Not only I've attracted money but my head is buzzing with new ideas that I am in the process of making a reality. I am so excited! Thank you for everything!"

Drago T
College Student


"I don't know how but it works!"

"I was unhappy with my job and wanted to attract a better paying job. Soon after I listened to your program, I received an offer from an old friend for a job that pays more than I was hoping for! I moved to Florida, I live right on the water and I am happy. I thought listening to the recordings would be boring but actually I loved it. Great job!"

Mazi H
Miami, FL


"I guess I had the potential the whole time. But something needed to unleash it"

"OK. I don't know exactly how this subconscious mind works but somehow, when you believe what you want to achieve, you miraculously achieve it. I knew I had a potential but I had no clue how to unleash it. I am enjoying the life of an entrepreneur and I am amazed at the things I've been able to do. I guess I had it in me the whole time. I just had to believe it. Thank you!"

Katerina T



Science box...

"An EEG range of 4-7 Hertz was found to indicate the theta, hypersuggestible brain state. Subjects could then be presented with therapeutic messages designed to make changes in maladaptive habits, addictions, and poor self-image.

More than 20 years of case studies have shown how [this] can be applied. These include a graduate student who experienced so much anxiety over passing an exam necessary for graduation that he found it impossible to study. Twilight Learning sessions helped change his attitude and allowed him to relax, study, and pass the exam. Another patient found relief for psychogenic back pain. Other subjects found that repressed memories of childhood abuse and war were negatively influencing their adult lives and were able to make positive changes..."


Allen Press Publishing Services (2012, January 27). Twilight learning: Looking back and forward to the possibilities of subliminal messages.


"In this latest research, Watanabe and his team uncovered the mechanism that primes the subconscious, enabling individuals to learn a task without actually realizing it. They also showed this type of learning is retained...

According to Watanabe, the visual cortex, the area of the brain tested in his experiments, has long been considered unchangeable in humans past 6 months of age. Watanabe found it could be "changed" and that the changes could last for a considerable period...

"People might be able to improve their pronunciation of a new language, if it's presented simply, without paying attention. It's possible the brain could be changed without a lot of effort."

Boston University (2005, May 26). Boston University Psychologists Find Neurological Mechanism For Subliminal Learning.


Reprogram Your Mind for Wealth comes of 4 parts.

Part 1
Affirmations for Wealth


Part 1 has powerful affirmations placed against a scientifically crafted brainwave synchronization background. You hear the affirmations both consciously and subconsciously, so you know exactly what you're programming your brain to do... and both your conscious and sub-conscious minds know what TO do.

All the while, the brainwave background keeps your mind in a receptive state during the affirmations, so they work even if you start drifting. They work even better if you start drifting!

The affirmations are designed to work WITH your belief system instead of against it, so inner contradictions don't produce the opposite of the positive effects you want. This program doesn't just sound good, it delivers results and fixes underlying problems that have bee holding you back!

You get more abundance, more wealth, a greater chance of achieving the results you want immediately, and you can be confident that this program really will work for you. Again, it's both easier and more powerful than hypnosis... you can have the impressive and proven results while sitting at home.

No gimmicks, just proven technology delivering the results you want, and fast!


Part 2
Fear of Failure Blaster


Part 2 clears out from your mind any fears that are getting in your way. Your subconscious is now working FOR you, not against you. Factors that would otherwise cause you to fail are not an issue with this program!

Even if you want success... if you're afraid, your subconscious is holding you back! Too many people who have great ideas and great potential never succeed because they're held back by fear of failure, fear of losing time, or fear of criticism and rejection.

This part of the program will make sure you're free of all those irrational, limiting fears.


Part 3
Hunches and Great


Part 3 clears your mind, stabilizes your emotions, and supercharges your willpower. Almost immediately, you enter a state where you're:




                    checkAnd Empowered!

                    Part 3 also trains your mind to STAY in that state. Long after using this program, you'll find yourself walking around feeling happier, more inspired, and more empowered every day!

                    In fact, the more you listen to Part 3, the better your mind gets at doing this. You can listen to this program over and over again, and get more and more benefit from it... so this isn't a one-and-done deal. Buy this program once and you'll continually reap new benefits from it long down the road!


Part 4
Brain Sharpener


Part 4 sharpens your brain to recognize golden opportunities and sieze them!

With Part 4, you'll keep finding new and better ways to get what you want.

When things just start "going your way," you'll be prepared! (If you've ever had a tendency to squander an opportunity, Part 4 makes sure that tendency is gone... replaced by an instinct for spotting an opening and playing it for all that it's worth!)


All of these parts contain the "theta entrainment" background technology, so all you have to do is listen, and they'll sharpen your focus, speed up your thinking, and boost your memory.

And, there's no risk!

arrow guarrantee

I'm so confident my tools will work for you... I and everyone I know have used them to great success... that I'm offering you a risk-free deal. If, for any reason, you feel Easy Abundance isn't right for you... simply let me know within 60 days of your purchase and I'll instantly issue you a full refund.

No questions asked.

You can try Easy Abundance for a full two months. If in that time, it doesn't exceed every expectation you had for it, I'll be happy to give you your money back... but I don't think that'll be an issue, once you try it.

In fact, let me make this deal even better.

If you buy now, I'll include the successful person's Emergency Kit."


4 bonuses to turbo-charge your mind whenever you need it!

Instant Creativity!


This program kicks you into ultra-creative overdrive, letting you hone in on out-of-the-box opportunities whenever you need them!

If you've admired how other people are creative and able to find "how'd they think of THAT?!" solutions... this program will let you be one of them.


Laser Focus!


Hit play on "Laser Focus," and you'll enter a laser-focused state program, perfectly for finishing projects quickly and easily.

You'll be able to learn quickly, and finish whatever needs doing in a flash. Any time you need to get down and work without distraction, use this.

10-Minute Stress Destroyer!


This quick 10 minute mind-rebalancing tool will bring you back to clarity whenever you're stressed. Face crazy situations with total composure!

Turn on the audio and be the calm in the middle of the storm, dealing confidently with situations that would have others tearing their hair out.




Are things happening too fast? Is success just "too easy"...? Not to worry. If you're starting to feel overwhelmed, this audio program will bring you back to a relaxed, normal clear-minded state.


You get all four parts of "Reprogram Your Mind for Wealth," an iron-clad 60 day money-back guarantee... plus the four-part "Success Emergency Kit."



Now, just the four programs in the Emergency Kit, together, are worth over $200.

Together, this set of audio programs would normally cost you $329.99.

If you were going to put this kind of toolkit together for yourself... it would take you years! (I spent over 3 years doing research before I could even start making these programs.) But I've done all the hard work for you.

However, because I'm selling these audio programs direct to you -- they aren't available anywhere else -- there are no "distributors" taking their cut.

That means you pay just $329.99 $69.99!

You get a set of eight tools that will empower you in every area of your life... and most importantly, you get the power to create as much wealth and abundance as you can dream!


You get:


These programs will keep paying you dividends in the years and decades to come. They may be the best investment you ever make!

So don't delay. If you wait, you may never find your way back here again. Order now!

I'm living my life in abundance. Now you can, too!

To Your Success!
Lia Nova

P.S. This is simply the easiest, most idiot-proof way to reprogram your brain to bring you the success and freedom that you want.


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